1. Buying process in Spain

The process of buying a property here in Spain is quite a simple and transparent thing . Here you have steps how to do it with us :

  1. Search your property at our website or contact us any way you choose - Viber, Whatsapp and let us search for you
  2. Visit the property with us
  3. Formalise your buying operation with us :
  • Fill out the Purchase request form Request form 
  • Pay a reservation fee (near 6 000 euro )
  • Organize your NIE ( ID number for Foreigners )
  • Get your morgage (if you need financing ) - we advise you to organize all documents before your visit .
  • Sign your Sales Title Deeds (Escritura) at the Notary
  • Get the key to your property and enjoy !


2. Purchase costs

  • New property purchase – 10% IVA (VAT) plus 1.5% Stamp Duty (AJD)
  • Resale property purchase: Property Transfer Tax (ITP)
  • Purchase Price: Up to €400,000 - 8%, €400,001 - €700,000 - 9%, Over €700,001 - 10%
  • Notary & Land Registry Fees: Approx 1%/1,5%
  • Lawyers fees - 1% plus IVA /minimum charge €1,500/
  • Power of Attorney -approx Euros 250 per person
  • ID nember for foreigners (N.I.E.) -approx Euros 200 per person

3. Legal advise

We would like to advise anyone who is considering to buy a property anywhere in the world , to use a local lawyer to protect his interests.

Being a local lawyer it is quite easy to check the legality of the property , to make sure that you are gong to buy a legal one.

We have plenty of lawyers here speaking many different languages. If you decide to talk to a lawer , give us a call please and we will make an appointment for you .

4. Mortgages

Documents required for the employee status:

  • Last Tax declaration / P-60 / Company tax certificate for end of the year about the employee
  • Last 3 Salary slips
  • Last 3 month Bank accounts
  • Experian / Credit report.
  • Bank reference letter (All nationalities except UK and Spain)


Documents required for the company or self – employee status

  • Last 2 years tax returns / tax declarations
  • Last 2 years accounts
  • Accountant certificate about assets & liabilities for the last 2 years
  • Last 3 months bank accounts
  • Experians / Credit report of individuals
  • Bank reference letter


All the documents have to be presented in Spanish or English
Every Spanish bank could ask for additional documents

5. Special service for you

With a great pleasure our team will organize your dream-trip to Costa del Sol
You will explore the real-estate market with our assistance . You can choose between variety
of options.

We start at the airport of Malaga where we meet you and take you to your hotel.
We will show you as much properties as you need to make your choice .
Our team will be providing you during all the trip untill we bring you back to the airport.

You can call us for free using Whatsapp, Viber + 34 674 360 396.
You can also send us an email :